Military Financial Planning Membership

A step-by-step course, resources, financial monitoring, helpdesk, and office hours to help you take control of your finances, improve your financial health, and increase your ability to focus on what matters.  

Launching in January 2023

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Who is this membership for?

This is for You If:

  • You are a member of the military
  • You are serious about getting your financial house in order and improving financial health
  • You want step-by-step instructions and resources from a military specific financial planner
  • You do not yet need or want comprehensive financial planning or investment management from a financial planner
  • You don’t want to rely on Google and Facebook groups for free, disjointed, and questionable advice.

This is not for you if:

  • You are not a member of the military
  • You are trying to get rich quick
  • You are looking for the secret or shortcut to wealth
  • You are trying to pick stocks, or beat the market
  • You are seeking a 1:1 deep, comprehensive relationship with a financial advisor

If you are looking for a more comprehensive 1:1 relationship, please visit my financial planning firm below

Go to Baskin Financial Planning


Pick the plan that is right for you!

Monthly Membership


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Annual Membership


$32.50/mo adds up to savings of $78 annually!



Take control of your financial life by utilizing all of the resources available to you 

Military Finance Course

Step-by-step resources of all financial planning areas. This is a detailed military financial planning education that you can lean back on at any time. 

Monthly Office Hours 

A recording of an asynchronous office hours every month to talk military finance news, financial planning topics of the month, and Q&A that I have received from members. 

Elements® Financial Monitoring App

Keep track of your finances with a holistic, state of the art financial monitoring system. I will give you a framework to monitor your financial vitals throughout the year. You'll get resources and instruction on how to keep your data current, as well as how to interpret the scorecard and use it to make financial decisions. Once I have enough data, I will benchmark the scores based on rank to show where you stack up. 

Quarterly Progress Reports

Track the progress of your accounts and important metrics to measure how you are improving and working toward your goals over time. This happens automatically inside of the Elements App, and gives you a comprehensive picture of how your financial situation is changing over time. This report helps make more astute financial decisions gong forward. 

Library of Content

Recordings, checklists, and templates related specifically to military finance. These will continually be updated as time goes on to incorporate changes as well as feedback from BLUF Finance members. 

Financial Helpdesk

Get help finding a resource, give feedback on what you want to see, or getting general financial questions answered that are not personalized 1:1 advice. 

The Elements® Financial Monitoring System


I'm Erik Baskin

After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2018, I wanted to start a business. Personal finance has always been a deep passion of mine, so I went and got my MBA, passed my CFP exam, and started Baskin Financial Planning in 2021 while still on Active Duty. Through my time serving clients, I have realized that the entire financial planning industry is ignoring the vast majority of military members that do not want or cannot afford a dedicated financial advisor for thousands of dollars per year.

This is why I created BLUF Finance. A place where military members can go to receive straightforward, actionable education, resources, and ongoing monitoring at a price that any servicemember can afford. 


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